Meet Valkyrie - Apex Legends Character Trailer

Joylandi 29-Apr, 2021
Meet Valkyrie, the ultimate wingman and a Legend who's poised to dominate the sky.

Daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper, Valkyrie lost her father at a young age. She inherited her father’s love of flight, but not his sense of duty. Except in one regard. She swore to kill the man who’d sent her father to die: his Faction Leader, Kuben Blisk. But when the moment came to pull the trigger, she hesitated -- he spoke of Viper with respect. And he challenged her to be better. Valkyrie shot him anyway, but she didn’t take his life. Just his invitation card to the Apex Games.

Valkyrie’s jetpack - forged from the remnant’s of Viper’s Northstar Titan - allows her to fly above the battlefield for a limited time. When it’s time to swoop in for the kill, she can unleash a swarm of missiles to damage and disorient her enemy. And if things get too hot she can employ her Ultimate - which allows her and her entire squad the ability to quickly reposition and find the next fight. Valkyrie enters the games with something to prove and ready to rain death down from on high.

There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends - Legacy launches May 4!

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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  • Valkyrie seems neat in concept, however a Caustic buff would truly be great and appreciated!

  • Вот бы она по стенам бегать умела

  • My main

  • Voodoo 1 Viper's on station....

  • Wait. The daughter of the Viper? You don't think she'd be mad if she found out who killed her pops right?

  • this is related to pharoh in overwatch

  • she is a notherstar titan herself

  • Allah korusun Türkiye

  • Why do the new legends finish the legends who were in the season before them?

  • I pre regitered in the mobile version of apex legends, And I can't wait for it I'm exited

  • I love her passive

  • Valkrie mains are annoying tbh I’m glad I killed her father

  • プラウラー復活して欲しい

  • Justice rain from above!

  • calling it now her heirloom quip is your journey ends here legend the skies belong to me now.

  • Sanırım ilk açacağım karakter bu olacak :))

  • Apex look at my recent videos on heirlooms. You really gonna do that to me?!

  • 5

  • Maybe a wraith watermelon skin 🍉

  • An asian character called Valkyrie, it's a bit confusing, thought she was going to be nordic. What's next an african character called Tengu?

  • my subtitle sasys craps a bad word 0:25


  • Hey look, it's the one who caught me when I fell.. ꒻꒻ ♥ And the date went well, we almost kissed. 😳

  • Nerf f'cking spitfire!

  • Remember when everybody thought she was OP

    • she is actually a pretty good legend

  • Me who played titanfall 2 : Flashbacks from 2016 fighting viper in master

  • A Northstar class Titan in young days: Born as a booster, growing up to a jetpack and becomes a Northstar one day

  • I'm a better gamer and better than a ninja

  • nerf spitfire

  • She just cower yourself in oil.

  • Is there any olx adds posted by you? If yes i want to buy 3060ti.

  • She is definitely fruity, its in the comic.


  • your gay game is trash

  • Best character to be played for now

  • I like to think Valkrie's ult is just Technoblade carrying his 2 teammates with his elytra in that one Minecraft Tournament.

  • so you just copied overwatch

  • Bad legends

  • "Voodoo-1, Viper in station. Your journey ends here, pilot. The skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide."

  • She is great but in the same time a easy target when she's flying.

  • oh new legend oh hi Pharah

  • my palms used to sweat using octane, but this...this is just a vacation legend

  • I still believe Valkyrie should have a dropping a deuce voice line.

  • No other legend has a stronger tie to legacy of the Frontier, huh? What about Wraith? You know, ARES' Pilot? The one that tinkered with phase tech used commonly in Frontier War?

    • You could also say that Octane is tied to Silva Pharmesudicals which provides the stims also used in the Frontier War

  • loba can't compete

  • 0:00 intro 0:28 valkyrie passive 0:44 mini rockets 0:59 ultimate 1:09 outto

  • Valk OP and a baddie

  • *WHY DIDN'T THEY MAKE VALKERIES INTRO VOICE LINE SAY "The Skies Belong to me, No where to run, Nowhere to hide." Instead of just "The Skies Belong to me." And then it's silent for 4 seconds after that?!?!..*

  • Gosh , please come quickly, my PC, I want to play with this character


  • Haven't played in a while, is the bow a new weapon or is it her weapon/ability?

  • Apex Please could I have some heirloom shards.

  • Quien más detesta esa personaje

  • Can respawn bring Back old music packs

  • 0:34 Anyone noticed the unreleased caustic skin?

  • yeeee, let's add another titan ability to somebody who isn't even a pilot. Why bother inventing something new. I am less and less investred in respawn's games as time goes. Titanfall 1 is unplayable, Titanfall 2 doesn't seem to have a sequel in development, Ape Legends get all of the attention, Fallen order is 100% completed, and that other game... Well. I will become old only to see titanfall 3 become a hero shooter with moba and battle royale elements, cartoony graphics and mobile timekiller app level of monetization.

    • @ThursdayTV but of course not, because I am totally the same person in real life as on the internet

    • I bet you are fun at parties

  • like 3 days before s9 came out i got som apex coins and i wanted to buy a legend and i wanted to buy valkyrie but i couldnt wait so i bought revenant but know i want valkyrie loooooooool pls like

  • Apex watergothim is hacking

  • Please please add squads my friend I can play with them because it's trios not squads please make it squads

  • I want you to add Indonesian subtitles🥲

  • Give me this character Passive: Wall Running and melee does an extra however much percent to balance. Ultimate: Ronin's Sword Tactical: Ronin's arc wave but it does no damage just slows people


  • Shes the daughter of Viper?! I'm dead 😵 you guys are seriously the best gaming company every! I have so many good ideas for your games! HOW DO I WORK FOR YOUUUU?!!!!

  • Want aimbot? Google ""FlawlessAim aimbot"

  • Ok let’s put Cooper in apex to put valk in her place

  • 0:03 Jack Cooper

  • So shes basically phara

  • Plss put lifeline shield back like In season 1 plss


  • Hey guys... She's classified as a *recon* legend

  • Now we know Vipers last name.

  • too bad i blew up his dad's head with a mastiff in titanfall 2

  • Would be great to be able to toggle the passive flight jump.

  • “Speed is life.”

  • Viper 2.0

  • The bocek is too powerful!! I'm the new player, and don't know how to deal with this thing.T_T

  • Trash game

  • No titants sadly


  • listed all abilities but complet3ely skims over how she has 2 passives her wings and also the fact that when skydiving she pings all enemies in line of sight

  • Valk outland stories : meh Valk ingame : cute as heck

  • Nerf Valk

  • Ok so now they got Pharah, good I wonder who’s next, maybe Heavy? Btw this is satire

  • Anybody looking to join a club can join mine "Based On Talent" (BOT)

  • season 9: what a let down. 48hrs of server downtime legends name changed from valk to valkyrie weapon changed from CAR to bocek bow valk’s ethnicity changed from norwegian to asian double jump tap-strafing and wallrunning banned

  • Please nerf her to death or remove her

  • Right, so Pharah?


  • This is some new heights. Literally.

  • Step 1. Obtain some Titan scrap 👍 Step 2. ??? Step 3. *D O M I N A T E* 👌

  • Valkyrie is dumb she could rebuild northstar that could've been more efficient like who would win : a titan vs a pilot But...... It would've been broken in the game so ok

  • Overpowered

  • I just got her and played her and she is op in both the arena and the royal


  • Justice rains from above


  • I am unhappy that Pathfinders pick rate has dropped to 1. Not 1%. One person.


  • Quick question, Can you explain to me why you allow "BLM" as a clan tag But you banned "WLM" ??? Do yall Hate White people??

  • Valkyrie: "I'd make a great wingman. " Me: The gun or the person?